Thursday, March 29, 2007

When Asses Grow Lips And Use Them...

I am all for allowing freedom of speech. Hell, if it wasn't for my freedom of speech I probably would be in the Bastille by now. But I do have a problem with people talking out of their asses. After all, that is what mouths are for. I prefer people educate themselves on what they are talking about before they spew their infectious stupidity to the rest of us. In a recent editorial in my local paper a person whom shall remain nameless published his views for the world to see and the introduction was as follows: "The recent FLORIDA TODAY editorial headlined 'Abuses of power,' which advocates the removal of Attorney General Roberto Gonzales, is ridiculous and would only help the terrorists."
First of all, his name is Alberto Gonzales not Roberto. I find it ridiculous that this person can't even get the name right. Second of all, how do you connect the resignation of a party loyal attorney general to the helping the terrorists? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other and the idea that this person believes that the terrorists even know who ALBERTO Gonzales is is astounding. This person has to work for the Bush Administration to come up with that kind of crap.
Our concerned and equally opinionated citizen here probably doesn't even know the difference between potassium and uranium let alone anything about politics and terrorism. But I'll give our budding writer some advice: that's not a turban on Lady Chiquita's head.

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