Friday, March 30, 2007

Problem...What Problem?

Yesterday at least 125 people were killed in Baghdad by suicide bombers and about 181 people were killed throughout Iraq by similar suicide bombers. An Iraqi man named Salam Hussein was nearby when two of the suicide bombers detonated themselves in a crowded marketplace killing two of his relatives and injuring others.
“I saw headless children and body parts everywhere. I brought four wounded to the hospital. But resources there are very limited. The refrigerators at the morgue are full. It’s a disaster,” he said.
Meanwhile, on his first day on the job, new ambassador Ryan Crocker said that "President Bush's policy is the right one." Great...another loyal minion of Bush in Iraq. In addition, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told his citizens that he was determined to bring the bombers to justice. Hello! They're suicide bombers! They're already dead! And according to their faith, they are already having intimate relations with seventy-something virgins.
I am sick to death of high officials in this government and Iraq's being incredibly stupid. This is a serious problem and these people keep on thinking that the path they're taking is the right one. Iraq has plunged into a bottomless pit and while it falls, republicans and other morons continue to say, "Hey, support the troops...stay the forces are succeeding." Wake the hell up and pull us out of this mess. That's you're job isn't it? Nearly 200 people were killed yesterday and it seems like no one in this administration or the one it forged in Iraq thinks that we need to make any changes other than add more wood to the fire...I mean more troops to Iraq.
When are things going to improve in Iraq? My best guess is when politicians start addressing the real problem with real solutions. But what the hell do I know? I voted democrat and all I got was this stinking war.

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