Thursday, March 29, 2007

Houston...Come In...This Is Baghdad

By now with all of the killings and explosions in Baghdad, the Iraqi capitol must look like the dark side of the moon. After the damage was assessed more accurately, authorities have determined that the death toll from last night's revenge killings led by off-duty Shiite police officers left 70 people executed in the streets and 40 kidnapped. All the meanwhile, the president has been praising the success in Iraq's lull in violence and the police's ability to stem the bloodshed. We are talking about the same country aren't we?
Also, the president has continued to vow that if a bill comes to his desk with a timetable for removing U.S. troops in Iraq he will not sign it into law. He told reporters, "If Congress fails to pass a bill to fund our troops on the front lines, the American people will know who to hold responsible."
Congress has already approved of a bill to fund about $90 billion to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the president who is now refusing to send that money to our troops because he doesn't like that Congress isn't simply giving away billions of dollars to fund his unpopular war. God forbid the American people want our troops home and Congress actually listen to us. There is a reason why the president's approval ratings are as low as his IQ: he doesn't give a crap about the American people. It is a shame that he cannot put aside his pride and acknowledge that despite being the most powerful man in the world he is still a servant of the American people.
And while the president tries to salvage his legacy, all the American people can think about is salvaging what is left of Iraq after a bitter and violent conflict that has turned into a civil war. I will admit that Iraq is all the American people can think about after Brittany Spears' breakdown, the latest cell phone and the weather...but it is on our mind (right?). Either way, whether Baghdad really looks like the dark side of the moon or not it seems like the bureaucratic pigs in the White House have seen as much of Baghdad as they have seen of the dark side of the moon.

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