Friday, March 30, 2007

Driving Ms. Lazy To Walter Reed

Ah, the president took a break from the White House rose gardens and decided to stroll through the Walter Reed Army Medical Center today. Although he bypassed areas where there was mold in the walls, rat infestations and the scene of long lines of soldiers waiting to be processed (sounds like the DMV), the president still had a heart-warming visit to those soldiers he sent to be injured in Iraq. Although, not everyone felt that he was as sincere as he was hoping to come off.
Retired Major General Paul Eaton said of the president, "I'm convinced he would honor them more if he would refrain from using soldiers as props in political theater." Ooh, that was the taste of words thrown right back at the president after he accused democrats of political theater when they made up a bill to bring our troops home.
Despite the president's visit being cut an hour shorter than scheduled, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino had some noble things to say about the president in an article by the associated press. "She said it took some time to clear enough room on the president's schedule to spend an afternoon with patients and staff at Walter Reed." Gosh, I can imagine it would be tough penciling that in seeing as they're only our brave troops he so often publicly "supports". It's a real shame that after giving all they had to the president's war, it is still difficult for him to bear the grim realities his administration is responsible for.
But for all those democrats out there claiming that Bush doesn't support our troops in Iraq, don't sell yourself short...he doesn't care about them here too.

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