Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zimbio Debate Part II

If you are reading this you should first look at the first part of the debate as this whole article would make much more sense.

Jason: Yes, yes it is very hard to sway a person who holds very firms beliefs one way or another. And while I agree that this debate has been productive my endstate is always to win...that is let the other person say "you're right" it happens to my wife all the time. I generally take offense to those who say they support the troops but not the war although I think you are sincere and that your anti-war stance is taken more from a compassion for us than a hatred for them viewpoint. In the end I do not want a warmonger in charge either (I don't think Bush is one), but I want someone with enough guts to stand up to the likes of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and especially al-Queada. This era of blogs and internet postings has certainly given a voice to those of us long silenced by big media. The problem with big media is that you can fill volumes with what they don't report. By the way, I do respect other opinions and ideology. I just can't accept them as having any influence on the direction our country should go.Jason
P.R.: As much as I would like to let you "win" this debate, I am not your wife. Although, I feel that we have a mutual respect for each others' opinions and that is what matters in the end. I too want a president who will be tough against threats to America. I can only hope that our next one creates fewer. And like it or not, other people's opinions and ideologies do have an influence in the direction our country will go. That's a democracy. Good luck in Iraq and I wish you the best for a safe return home and the same goes for all of your fellow soldiers. America and I are proud of you.P.R.

This concludes the zimbio debate. I hope that it helps clarify the views of some Americans today and gives a new perspective to the war in Iraq.

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