Thursday, April 5, 2007

He Never Learns

Today it was announced that nearly 12,000 National Guardsmen were to be deployed to Iraq for involuntary service with a one-year commitment. This was due to the regular army troops being thinned out in a poorly planned war. These additional troops will help relieve the already fatigued soldiers on the ground in Iraq. It seems that if the government cannot get funding to the troops through the president's unwillingness to pass into law a bill attached to a pull-out date they use their reserve troops as the solution. Now this administration is defying the American people by sending more of our American heroes into the hostility of a civil war we have no business in militarily across the Atlantic Ocean. The solution to putting out a fire, Mr. Bush is not to throw more wood on the flames. Bringing peace to Iraq has nothing to do with soldiers trained for war.
But if any of the soldiers being sent to Iraq are worried about their service and have well-connected fathers then fear not; drink up, lay back and when you get out early run for president.

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