Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bush: The Boy In The Political Bubble

Once again it seems as though the White House is within its own little bubble while the president continues to speak about imaginary problems that, when he tries to solve them, become real problems. In a recent visit to Fort Irwin, the president continued his quest to convince the American people to push forward in this war. Britain, our strongest ally, has already begun putting into motion the removal of 1,600 troops and plans to remove more by summer. In his speech, the president cited an incident when Iraqi insurgents used children in the backseat of a car rigged with explosives to get through security checkpoints as a main point in his attempt of persuasion.
"It makes me realize the nature of the enemy we face, which hardens my resolve to protect the American people...People who do that are not--it's not a civil war, it is pure evil. And I believe we have an obligation to protect ourselves from that evil," Bush said in his speech.
The nature of the enemy we face is complete devotion to their cause--a devotion we have never seen before and have trouble understanding. And are our soldiers not "American people"? Protect them by bringing them back home and stop sending American people in uniform to Iraq to die in a war America is not in favor of. And for the president to boldly say that this is not a civil war proves how detached he truly is from reality. Iraq had not harmed American people before we invaded. There were no Iraqis on the planes of 9/11 and Iraq was found to have no connections to the terrorists. All the meanwhile, Bush wants to protect Americans? He is creating the enemies we have to fight. Before our enemy was al-Qaeda and now it's these Iraqi insurgents we spawned.
Evil is a relative term. Though it was evil to use children as pawns in their insurgency, this chess game of objectifying human beings is a game the Bush Administration is all too familiar with. Is it evil of us to continue occupying Iraq long after the original war was won? Is it evil of us to continue using military force when diplomacy is what they need? Is it evil of us to use WMDs as a false pretense for war and then use democracy and freedom as a false pretense for continuing the fight? The president's hidden agendas involving Iraq's oil fields and his Saudi friends are the engines driving these violent acts against humanity. By the way, the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. Hmmm. If our president wants to truly protect the American people from evil perhaps he should resign as president so the world can move forward in healing from the wounds this administration has caused international relations. After all, we nearly impeached Clinton for lying about his sex life but it is acceptable that this president's lies have killed over 3,000 American soldiers and tens of thousands more Iraqi civilians. If anything, impeach Bush for using the "missionary accomplished" position.

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