Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You Can't Spell Toil Without Oil

With absolute corruption plaguing the Bush Administration, new tactics are being used by the Democrats to battle the White House. Many Democrats are calling for more prosecutions in the cases of Iraq contractors misusing government funds. Contractors have taken around $10 billion in suspect charges and some contractors are being found to have been given contracts in exchange for either cash or luxury items from corrupt U.S. officials. Dick Cheney's Halliburton comes to mind when I think of corrupt contractors and alternative motives within politics for personal profit. This entire war has been mismanaged to a point where war profiteering has seeped into the cracks that this administration has left wide open.
As if more corruption within the Bush Administration was unfathomable, the latest subpoenas planned on being issued to key White House officials for their testimony under oath have been threatened by the president as a "partisan fishing expedition". Bush said that allowing this testimony "would harm the presidency as an institution." Sorry, George, you took care of that long ago. The presidency now is nothing more than the CEO position of the world's most powerful corporation filled with corruption and shame. It will take a lot to get the American people to place their trust in the government again thanks to this presidency which has led this country down the same hole Bush led all of his pre-political endeavors.
Bush was also very regrettable against the decision of Democrats to issue subpoenas even though he had allowed for key officials to speak off the record. Let's face it...nearly everyone in the Bush Administration has been found to have lied at one point or another. If there is really nothing to hide, then why fight putting it on the record under oath? Or are they afraid of another obstruction of justice trial in the wake of the Scooter Libby case?
Meanwhile, back in that little corner of the world we call Iraq, it is being reported that children are being used as a means of getting suicide bombers through checkpoints and then killed. If this is true and not just pro-war propaganda, then these atrocities show plainly how desperately and to what ends these people want us out of their country. If we really wish to end these horrific crimes, perhaps we should listen to their pleas for independence and leave. I am not condoning using children in these attacks at all. I am simply saying, what would drive people to do such things? We don't belong in this civil war and our presence is only giving the Iraqis a common enemy to fight and that is us.

End the corruption and we can end this war. The real war on terrorism in Afghanistan has been forged, fought and forgotten while we fight for profit in Iraq under the false pretenses that the terrorists were there first. We are the terrorists in Iraq when you consider how we invaded and attempted to reform their country in our image for no other reason in the end than to be an economic ally for oil consumption. I for one have trouble filling up my gas tank with the blood of our soldiers. We pay at the pump with our patriotism. Please insert card, swipe and remove.

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