Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Cliff Is Nearing

In the latest poll taken in Iraq, the number of people who say that their lives are going well are 39%, 18% feel no confidence in U.S. and coalition troops and 51% (a majority) feel that the violence against U.S. troops is acceptable. Does this sound like a country that wants our military presence within its boarders? There is little I can say about this poll because it pretty much speaks for itself. And anyone who looks at these statistics and can twist them into a rally for more troops is insane and probably somewhere in the White House right now.
In a recent quote from George W. Bush, he addressed the growing concern about Iraq and our presence there, "The terrorists could emerge from the chaos with a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they had in Afghanistan which they used to plan the attacks of September 11, 2001."
The terrorists wouldn't be emerging from the chaos in Iraq, George, if we had stayed in Afghanistan! Even now, the president cannot see the disastrous error he made in taking this country to war with Iraq. He lead the terrorists to a new stronghold with new recruits and new reasons to hate America. This country is not a safer place now. In fact, we are more at risk of an attack because of this war. If we spent half of the money going into the war in Iraq on security at home, then we would be safer.
Even when asked if "Mr. Bush was still 'optimistic'," reported NBC's David Gregory. "he suggested that 'determined' might be a better term to use." Is this the man who this country should be following? Someone who isn't even optimistic about the war in Iraq but admitting to being rather determined? Are we to be lemmings over a fucking cliff? This is ridiculous! How can people confidently stand behind the president when he has finally even admitted to the fact that this war is being run into the ground through sheer determination. I could push on a brick wall for the rest of my life through sheer determination and that doesn't make it any more noble nor any more possible that the outcome will be anything other than going nowhere!
The time has long since passed when we must break off from the course before it leads us into an even harder hole to climb out of. If you are still in support of the president and the war in Iraq at this point, just jump off the cliff on your own and leave America out of your suicidal agenda.

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