Thursday, March 15, 2007

War Has Become A Load Of Holy Crap

War is such an ugly thing. Who really holds the authority to declare it on another people? Even when the majority of a nation declare that a war is wrong, those few elected have the power to combine devastating action with their beliefs. To deem it right to killing others whom you may have never met and pose no danger to is insane. War itself should be considered illegal but when written on fancy paper by people with over-inflated views of themselves declare it, laws and morals take a backseat to politics. This war in Iraq has been illegal since the first mention of it by George W. Bush. And little did he know (or still) that this war would not be like the ones he saw on TV with John Wayne. This would become a holy war to some.
The belief by the insurgents and terrorists that this is a holy war is the one factor that changes everything. The Bush Administration thought that they could oust Saddam, replace the government and everything would be great. But despite the advice of others, George invaded and created this "holy" war. He himself has even brought his religious beliefs into politics further outraging Muslim extremists. Now, even after a new government has been installed, the Iraqis are fighting over who claims power. And in the background are those insurgents who still believe that they will be rewarded in Heaven for killing the infidels. That's us by the way, George. They won't sign a treaty. They can't all be arrested or killed. They have taken this fight to a different level--a spiritual one. And despite my view that a holy war is ridiculous, my opinion doesn't matter because they believe it and that propels them to fight and kill.
Not only has Bush thrown the world into a war that should have never been started but he has given the most violent killers seventy-something virgins to look forward to when they die. George's religion needs to get out of international politics and our troops need to get out of Iraq! In my opinion, when we all die (with the exception of Dick Cheney who is Satan incarnate) we all get seventy-something worms. If the extremists want to kill infidels, don't make it so easy for them by sending our troops to Iraq in a waste-of-time war.

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