Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Listen To Your Leaders...

Iran, in a ridiculous new twist on hypocrisy, has banned Zack Snyder's film "300". How this relates to the war in Iraq is that this pathetic display of internal control is just another way President Ahmadinejad has promoted his own version of reality and discarded the authentic one. While we work on ending an already unpopular war in Iraq, Ahmadinejad continues trying to rally support against America to fuel his ideologies involving Iraq and how it should be run. But more importantly, he is very similar to the Middle Eastern version of George W. Bush.
Both are finding increasing opposition within their own government and both have rallied support for their radical views blurring the line between religion and politics creating controlling autonomous administrations. Also, both presidents are immersed in the outcome of the Iraqi struggle. Bush is interested in preserving a shred of dignity in a war that proved to be a costly lie to the American people and Ahmadinejad is interested in influencing a weakened neighboring country to ally itself with Iran. Either way, Iran has inspired me to make one hell of a post on my blog.
Iran has accused this film of humiliating its ancestors who were the Persians. The film has been deemed a "fabrication of history" as reported on A fabrication of history? This is coming from a government that initiated a two-day Holocaust denial conference on Dec. 11, 2006. And then, they even say that it is a form of "psychological warfare". Not that the strategies implemented by the terrorists in Iraq that are finding many of their weaponry on the Iranian boarder. I am not saying that Tehran is responsible for funding the insurgents in Iraq but I find it damning that they aren't controlling their boarders as well as they insist (hmmm). "Psychological warfare" is a term I would expect being used about a government publicizing in its country's newspapers, "Hollywood Declares War On Iran". Oh wait, that would be Ahmadinejad's government.
If we are ever going to end this war and focus on peace, we need to stop listening to the skewed bullshit that comes out of our politicians' mouths and start thinking for ourselves. Or who knows...maybe Grauman's Chinese Theater may be the next terrorist target.

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