Monday, March 12, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Decision

Before I tell you what I finally chose to say on my poster for the protest coming up, let me clarify something. I emailed the person “in charge” of the rally and found out that the flyer I had picked up at school was a year old. This rally was going to take place on St. Patrick’s Day—Guinness…protest, Guinness…protest…hmm. Anyway, I am going to write on the sign, “Is Pro-War Pro-Freedom?” Perhaps you are having the same reaction to this as my mother did but let me explain why I don’t care. She told me that it was too “deep” and “confusing” and people would not take the time to think about what it meant and consequently, my point would be lost. Well I guess it’s time to start thinking, America. I am not really worried about getting into trouble over this because let’s face it; if deep thinking is the problem, I am not concerned that anyone from the Bush Administration is going to be upset. And as for the rest of the commuters on the road reading it as they pass; wake up! Why the hell should I make it easy on them when the real problem behind this war is that nobody thought to begin with? I understand that our education system is sub-par but that’s no excuse for a short attention span. People are being killed right now overseas because we did not think deeply so would it kill anyone now if they started? I want people to think about the issue and if they don’t, then nothing would have been accomplished anyways.

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