Monday, March 12, 2007

Spinning Wheels

I read today on’s news page an article about how the democrats are planning to pass legislation on ending the war in Iraq. Now, for someone like me this would normally sound great…except I read on. Apparently, our elected politicians aren’t exactly doing what we elected them to do and once again I find myself screwed over by those bureaucratic pigs in Washington. The democrats, who won the House majority this past election based on promises to end an overwhelmingly unpopular war, have begun to spin their political wheels—going nowhere. Though the democrats hold 233 seats to the republicans’ 201 seats with one vacancy, there are only fifteen defections allowed. In other words, if sixteen democrats vote against the plan proposed by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, then the legislation will not pass. Her plan is to allow funding for the war continue but have all troops pulled out by March 2008. Some democrats feel that this is not enough and some feel that it is even too much saying that March 2008 should be a goal, not a deadline.
This entire fucking war has been a series of failed deadlines! Deadlines are just what they sound like—lines that seem to be going somewhere, then die along the way before they reach their goal. This is just another political scheme so that the pigs in Washington feel like they’re really doing something when in fact, they’re all useless. Between all of the moderate republicans, far-right republicans, moderate democrats and far-left democrats it is nearly impossible for anything to get accomplished. And even if by some miracle, the legislation is passed, the White House has already said that it will veto it. The White House, ha—the dirtiest pig pen in Washington! It would take a two-thirds majority to override the veto and that ain’t happening. Until we can get someone into the White House who gives a damn about ending this war, legislation will be as valuable (with the same uses, too) as toilet paper.
But of course, people have to wake up and see that their politicians are helpless and stand by them. This is a democracy after all. We need to rally together and make a stand that this is what the American people want and we need to remind the President that even he is subject to the will of the people. There is no reason why we should represent democracy in such a poor way. Why would other countries want to consider democracy when they see that American politicians at the highest level ignore the people and do as they wish? I don’t know what is worse; that our President has gone rogue and is acting in his party’s own interests or that we the people have failed to put an end to it as stated in our rights? We have the power—but only if we use it. If we don’t use it—it will be taken away from us. And then America will no longer be a democracy. How can we fight for democracy overseas and misuse it so effortlessly here within our own country? We, as Americans, have fallen into a pit of hypocrisy and as a result of our laziness within our very own political system we have become an international joke. The sad clown comes to mind.

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