Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Democratic Mutation!

While most of the country was drinking green beer and passing out drunk at other people's homes, Iraq was plagued with a different kind of substance abuse. Chlorine, a chemical typically used for water purification, was used in three truck bombings that resulted in two deaths and 350 made ill including six U.S. soldiers. Also, a roadside bomb killed one U.S. soldier and injured three others. All the meanwhile Australian Prime Minister John Howard, a strong supporter of the Bush Administration said, "Great progress has been achieved, but there is still work to be done," and "As you know, I don't set speculative dates. There is nothing achieved by that."
Perhaps the problem here is that people aren't facing up to the reality that great progress is an unfamiliar term to those living in Baghdad and politicians need to stop seeing dates as speculative and more as declarative. This war is real and yet politicians continue to skew the facts and pull incoherent babble out of their asses to avoid answering or even acknowledging the serious questions. I have heard many war-hawks declare that if the Iraqi government wanted us out, we would leave. Every poll and survey of the Iraqi people I have ever read asking them this question has resulted in the majority of people wanting the U.S. presence out of Iraq. And it is a shame that the government there is as responsive to the people as our government is here.
Democracy has become an ideal not a reality across the board. The people, it seems, had the power but once elected, those officials put into effect their own agendas and this applies everywhere. Corruption has seeped its way into the very foundation of American democracy and is spreading throughout the world like a virus. Wherever we infest our corrupt version of democracy, problems arise. This current administration is a mutation of democracy and it must be stopped before the damage becomes fatal to the ideals that once made this country so great.

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