Saturday, March 17, 2007

Democracy Is A Participation Kind Of Thing

Today I was part of an anti-war protest. The very same protest that inspired me to create this blog. It was certainly an interesting experience. There was a lot of positive vibes and the turnout was great but as we stood on the side of the road, I couldn't help hear some derogatory comments being shouted. None of them were creative and I was not impressed by the maturity nor intelligence of those shouting the pro-war slander. The term "fucking hippies" caught my attention a few times. I suppose it's better than being a brain-washed neo-nazi. And then at the end when I was walking toward my car, a girl shouted something vague about someone killing me for protesting. Well, if that is a pro-war extremist I don't know why we don't have more of them? Kind words from kind people.
I would venture to guess that 85% of the cars honked and supported us, 10% just drove by and 5% shouted things that didn't do their pro-war cause any justice. I would say those are pretty good odds in our favor. It inspired me, though, that some people took so much energy to try and put us down because it showed that ideas are more powerful than guns. Anyone can fire one. It's usually the aiming that is controversial. Honestly, I had a great time at the protest and wish that more people take part in their country's affairs. Though I may have been standing on the side of the road, at least I can say that I stood for something! Whether you support the war or denounce it, get involved peacefully and be a voice of the people to the people. That is what this country is all about and that is what true patriotism is. Class dismissed.

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