Monday, April 28, 2008

I Can't Believe I Have To Write This

Well, well, well. It has been almost a whole year since my last post. I have tried my best to stay out of the political arena and especially the one in Iraq. I couldn't imagine anything coming from my rants and raves but finally the straw has broke yet again and I am forced to write yet another article. Yesterday, it was revealed that thousands of Iraqi soldiers and police were on the payroll who were either dead, injured and thus off duty or ill and off duty. The Iraqi government is corrupt, I knew that, but this is just a blatant slap in the face for all Iraqis and Americans. The Iraqi government is trying to justify it by saying that the money is going to the families of the victims. Cry me an oasis. Not only is the country losing a lot of money (and yes, it has only just been recently mentioned in American government but there is still no oil revenue going to Iraq on the scale of it being the second largest natural oil reserve in the world) but neither the Iraqis nor the American and UN troops know just how many Iraqis are on duty at any given time at any given location. Great way to fight a war, I must say.
Also, the reconstruction effort in Iraq that has cost US taxpayers over $100 BILLION!!!, is coming up short once again in a scam for individual companies to make money. In a recent investigation by the US government, it was found that out of 47,321 contracts to rebuild Iraq, 855 were simply terminated due to hard conditions absolutely no one could possibly predict and out of those, 112 were recorded as completed. One of those contracts was to build a $50 million children's hospital which was only partially finished. I hope those kids over there don't scrape their knees too much playing in their bloody sandbox.
I won't even go into the race for president because its between John McCain (who has pledged to continue the incompetence plague that the Bush Administration has created and even said that we will be in Iraq for 100 years if necessary), Hillary Clinton (who doesn't seem to understand the people-person aspect of the job and only polarizes the country with her strong-woman-hear-me-roar speeches) and Obama (who can only get stressed and grouchy when everyone is questioning his race, religion, patriotism and yes, his name [Obama rhymes with Osama for all you stupid people out there who think they're the same]). I want to move to Canada.
This war is a joke, but sadly, the joke costs hundreds of lives with every chuckle. Iraq is a money train and everyone wants on from the Iraqi government to our own and everyone in between. Is it worth the cost in human lives and suffering anymore? Was it ever?

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