Friday, March 23, 2007

That's Not Toilet Paper, George!

Today, the House passed a bill forcing the president to bring troops home by 2008. Of course, our president has vowed to veto that bill. And in a shameless act of "theater"(which he claimed the democrats had been conducting in the passing of this bill), the president made his speech flanked by war veterans and their families. He continued to use the term "war on terror" when in fact this is a war in Iraq that has become over the months a civil war. The real war on terror is being waged by this administration against its own people to frighten us into supporting its radical ideals. And again, he claimed throughout the speech that this bill bringing troops home is undermining them and not supporting their cause. We do support the troops and that is why we don't want to waste their valor and lives in a war that is strictly for profit and was mismanaged by this administration. The undermining of our troops is when our president sends them to fight simply to try to save face in a war that was based on lies and deceit to the American people.
I will say that the show the president put on today was very entertaining. He himself was guilty of putting on a spectacle for the people with his veteran guests and his twists of words to make it seem like he is trying to supply our troops with vital resources and the democrats are slowly suffocating them. These resources are in the form of soldiers--not weapons, food, equipment all up to the standards they should be. I hope people do not believe the bullshit that spews out of his mouth and actually research what this bill is and what it is the president is doing. This whole, "If you're not with me then you're not a patriot" crap is getting old and people are starting to open their eyes to what is really happening in Iraq and what this administration has done to corrupt American politics.
Bush even said that, "if congress does not approve the emergency funding for our troops by April 15, our men and women in uniform will face significant disruptions and so will their families." Now if this isn't seen as an indirect threat on our troops then you aren't opening your eyes. These disruptions they will face are the fault of this administration in their lack of care toward our troops in the early phases of the war including the very basis for going to war that was a deceit to the people from the very beginning. He is placing the blame of this war on the democrats and that is plane bullshit. I do, however, wish the democrats would grow a pair of balls and fight back these accusations and slanderous remarks that undermine their just cause. Stop playing dead when the Bush Administration is constantly bashing you!
I suspect that Bush will wipe his ass with this bill just as he has done with our Bill of Rights. Our politicians need to cut their party alliances and look out for the interests of the American people and not their own. This war needs diplomacy, not a military. Guns don't solve problems, people solve problems!

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