Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'll take Waziristan for 3,234, Alex

On Saturday, 47 people were killed when a suicide bomber got through Baghdad security checkpoints and exploded. The current U.S. military death toll is at 3,234. And all the meanwhile, al-Qaeda continues to operate and thrive in a little-known country called Afghanistan. You might be asking yourself, "why does that name ring a bell?" and the answer is because that was the first country we invaded in the war on terror. That was the country with proven ties to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden but now we find ourselves entrenched in a country with absolutely nothing to do with terrorism except that it wasn't there before we invaded. The Taliban are still around and spreading their tactics of fear in a region that we should all be familiar with--Waziristan. Yes, Waziristan is an actual place. Sandwiched in the mountains of northwest Pakistan and bordering Afghanistan, Waziristan is where we should be focusing diplomacy and military forces. The Taliban continues to exist because we have diverted our troops and funding to Iraq and so this world is no safer now than before because where the terrorists of al-Qaeda go we do not follow. President Bush claims that all those who oppose the war in Iraq are undermining the troops. Well, how about the president undermining national security when he purposely used Afghanistan as a mere stepping stone to get to Iraq--a country with no ties to terrorism. War on terror? Meanwhile, Afghanistan continues to produce the vast majority of the world's supply of opium. War on drugs? How about a war on stupid decisions, George? Unfortunately in that one, our president would be the first prisoner.

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