Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Dice Have Landed: No Winners...Leave The Table

Never before has the situation in Iraq become so in need of real help. I'm not talking about more troops. I'm talking about more "help". The Marine Corps is asking the government for emergency funding to supply them with new armored military vehicles that General James Conway says "can reduce casualties by 80 percent." I am not going to even ask why they didn't have this armor already because throughout this entire war the military has been undermined by the government with appropriate supplies. In addition, while the military fights diplomacy is ignored. Those soldiers will be on the ground until Judgement Day unless diplomacy is given an honest try.
On Tuesday, two truck bombs killed at least 63 people and this morning revenge killings led by off-duty Shiite police officers killed nearly 50 people; some as young as 15. And this administration wants to convince me that we are having military success? I don't think so. Only when the issues behind the triggers are addressed and solved will the bloodshed cease. We need to focus less on military strength and more on solving these political and religious differences and if even that fails, perhaps it will be time to leave Iraq to its own devices. Some may see it as cutting and running but let's be real about this: this administration has dragged us into a situation WE cannot solve. Unfortunately, only the hands of Iraqis hold the fate of their country. I wish we never invaded in the first place so that profiteers in the White House could get even more wealthy but here we are. For better or worse, natural selection is the only course that can resolve Iraq's power struggle.
This is not a matter of winning or losing, staying the course or cutting and running; everyone has already lost. This is a matter of salvaging what is left of a country plagued by sectarian violence and supporting them diplomatically in their time of need. They have enough guns over there as it is, they don't need ours to solve their problems.

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